File Name Replacement Utility

File Name Replacement Utility 1.0

Works in a similar fashion to the replace feature of a word processor
1.0 (See all)

The File Name Replacement Utility works in a similar fashion to the replace feature of a word processor. It allows you to select groups of files and replace characters in the file names with other characters. File renaming utilities are available in abundance — some better than others — but they all do essentially the same thing — rename a group of files to have the same name with sequential numbers. You can replace underscores between words with spaces in one or a group of file names in seconds. You can strip away prefixes to a group of files just as quickly. You can perform several distinct replacement operations in one shot as described in the section Multiple Replacement Operations on the Same Files.This is a freeware utility application for Microsoft Windows versions 9x through XP. It has not been tested on Windows Vista. This utility is as simple to use as possible. It is supplied “as is” with no warranty for its use, misuse or any damage to or loss of files on your system or any other damage or discomfort it may cause in your life.

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